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Test & Tag Services

We provide commercial and industrial test and tag services across the Sydney Metropolitan Area and can cater for businesses large and small.

  • Portable Appliance Testing & Tagging

    Portable Appliance Testing & Tagging

    We offer a portable appliance test and tag service in Sydney to ensure the safety of your electrical appliances. We cover a wide range of appliances, from office essentials to household items. Trust us to keep your workplace and home safe! Call us today for a free quote.

  • Cable & Extension Lead Testing & Tagging

    Cable & Extension Lead Testing & Tagging

    Our experienced technicians in Sydney provide a thorough test and tag service for cabling and extension leads. We guarantee your equipment will be up to safety standards, giving you peace of mind. Trust us to keep your workplace safe and your gear in top condition.

  • Factory Equipment & Heavy Machinery Testing & Tagging

    Factory Equipment & Heavy Machinery Testing & Tagging

    Get your factory equipment and heavy machinery tested and tagged in Sydney to minimise the risk of fire and electrocution. Our team provides fast, reliable, and compliant testing and tagging services to keep your workplace safe and up to code. Call us today to book your appointment.

  • Medical Equipment Testing & Tagging

    Medical Equipment Testing & Tagging

    We ensure your medical equipment is in safe working order and compliant with the latest standards. We'll give you peace of mind that everything's in top condition and minimise the risk of equipment failure during critical moments. Trust us to keep your patients and staff safe!

  • Pool Equipment & Pool Pump Testing & Tagging

    Pool Equipment & Pool Pump Testing & Tagging

    Our pool equipment test and tag service in Sydney ensure residents' safety by regularly testing and tagging all electrical equipment used near pools. This helps maintain electrical safety and prevent accidents. So get in touch with us today and have peace of mind.

  • Server Room Testing & Tagging

    Server Room Testing & Tagging

    We provide a comprehensive communication and server room test and tag service, ensuring all your electrical equipment is functioning correctly and safely. Our service includes regular testing and tagging of monitors, PCs, phones, printers and more.

  • RCD & Safety Switch Testing & Tagging

    RCD & Safety Switch Testing & Tagging

    We provide reliable and thorough RCD and safety switch testing and tagging in Sydney to ensure the safety of your premises. Our service is in line with AS/NZS 3760 standards, and our experienced technicians use the latest technology to guarantee accurate results.

  • Power Tool Testing & Tagging

    Power Tool Testing & Tagging

    Our power tool test and tag service in Sydney ensures your tools meet safety standards so that you can work safely and confidently on the construction site. Trust us to test, tag, and label your power tools to ensure they're in good working order while minimising risks.

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The Process

  • 1 Free Quote

    Get in touch with us for a free quote if you have a list of items. Or we can book a site inspection to determine your needs and then provide a quote. We may do the testing and tagging on the same day.

  • 2 Inspection

    Book today, and our electricians will inspect and test your electrical gear, following AS/NZS 3760 Standards 2010. Power may need to be turned off briefly during the check, but we'll keep you informed.

  • 3 Test & Tag

    We thoroughly test and tag electrical gear, checking for damage, defects, and missing parts. We label it with colour-coded tags to help manage compliance and label faulty gear "FAIL - DO NOT USE".

  • 4 Report

    Our electricians provide a detailed inspection report listing any failed or faulty gear, item numbers, and locations. You'll get the report via email or hard copy, ready for compliance and auditing checks.

  • 5 Maintenance

    You can opt to have us visit your site on a regular basis for testing and tagging or utilise the colour-coded tags on your electrical equipment to identify compulsory testing intervals and plan your schedule.

Count on Sydney’s Affordable & Reliable Test & Tag Team

Our experienced electricians have a 5-star rating and are committed to providing affordable, reliable service. So whether you need commercial or industrial testing and tagging, we've got you covered!

Highly Qualified & Trained Test & Tag Electricians

Our experienced and fully-qualified electricians have an eye for detail and always prioritise safety. You can trust us to get the job done right every time. So count on us for all your test and tag needs!

Have Peace of Mind with our Resolve or Rectify Guarantee

Our electricians deliver 100% accuracy with all testing and tagging, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your electrical systems are in good hands. If we make a mistake, we'll return and rectify it for free!

Why Local Businesses Choose Enpac Electrical for Test & Tag in Sydney

  • 1

    We're Sydney's #1 Test & Tag Service: Experience the Best!

    Enpac Electrical is your go-to team of electricians for test and tag services in Sydney. Our team of experts is friendly, reliable and affordable, making us the perfect choice for local businesses. With 25 years of experience in the industry, you can rest assured that your testing and tagging will be completed to the highest standard.

  • 2

    AS/NZS 3760 Standards: Your Key to Safe Electrical Equipment

    Enpac Electrical is dedicated to following strict Australian electrical codes of practice. We understand the importance of compliance and make sure that all of our test and tag services comply with AS/NZS 3760 Standards. By choosing us, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your electrical systems are safe and up to code.

  • 3

    Say G'day to Enpac and Adios to Test & Tag Cowboys

    Say goodbye to the test and tag cowboys and choose a 5-Star electrical team with Enpac Electrical. Our team of experts is equipped to handle even the most demanding electrical challenges. Say goodbye to inferior test and tag services and choose a 5-Star electrical team with a proven track record of success.

  • 4

    Enjoy a Risk-Free Experience with Our Resolve or Revisit Guarantee

    Enpac Electrical offers a 'Resolve or Revisit Guarantee' on all electrical works. If we make a mistake, we'll return and fix it for free, ensuring a risk-free experience for our clients. With this guarantee, you can rest easy knowing that your electrical systems are in the best hands.

  • 5

    Ensure Your Team and Customers are Safe with Test & Tag

    When you choose Enpac Electrical for your test and tag needs, you can get on with business knowing your team and premises are safe. Keeping the auditor happy is crucial, and with our compliance-focused services, you'll have one less thing to worry about. So get in touch with us today and keep your business safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is test and tag compulsory for my business?

    Yes. Testing and tagging is mandatory for building and construction, demolition, marine, and mining industries and is required every 3 months. These are high-risk industries, and equipment needs to be checked often because electrical devices are used frequently and in damaging environments.

    Testing and tagging is not mandatory for other industries; however, it is recommended for OH&S and WH&S for insurance purposes and to avoid electrical accidents. In addition, it is essential to note that business owners have a duty of care to their employees and the public and, for safety reasons, should have their electrical equipment tested and tagged.

  • Do we lose power during testing and tagging?

    No. We only turn off individual appliances during testing and tagging. However, there may be a few minutes of downtime for larger equipment when we test and tag your equipment.

  • Do I get an inspection report once the test and tag is complete?

    Yes. We deliver a comprehensive inspection report once testing and tagging is complete. We provide these electronically but request a hard copy. It outlines failed or faulty equipment and locations for seamless location and repair in the future.

  • What happens when equipment fails the test and tag process?

    When we find a faulty electrical item that requires repair or replacement, it will be clearly labelled with a ‘FAIL – DO NOT USE’ label. Your team will be informed as soon as possible in the event of a failed test.

  • Should employee equipment be tested and tagged?

    Yes. If an employee uses a corded 240V piece of equipment on work premises, it should be tested and tagged to avoid accident or injury and company liability.

  • What electrical equipment do you test and tag?

    We can test and tag any electrical equipment with a cord that plugs into a 240V power point. This includes but is not limited to portable appliances, both in your place of work and on-site, and static electrical equipment, such as computers, factory equipment and machinery, fridges, microwaves, monitors, and printers.

  • How often should I test and tag?

    According to Table 4 of the AS/NZS 3760 Standards, construction and building equipment should be checked every 3 months, and cleaning equipment, factories, manufacturing, and workshops should be checked every 6 months.

    For electrical equipment where the cord is subject to frequent flexing or is in a hostile environment, it should be checked every 12 months. In light of commercial and residential type areas, they should be checked every 2 years, and if the cord is not subject to flexing during everyday use and is in a non-hostile environment, they should be tested and tagged every 5 years.

    If you want further clarity, contact our team to book an inspection of your equipment. Then, we can put in place a compliant testing and tagging schedule.

  • How much does testing and tagging cost?

    The price of our test and tag service in Sydney will vary based on the number of electrical items you have. Our friendly team can provide a more accurate quote if you have a list on hand, or we can inspect your site.

  • How long does testing and tagging take?

    This will depend on the number of electrical items and appliances on-site. We can test and tag 10 items per hour as a general rule of thumb. Testing and tagging time can also be reduced if bulky furniture and items are cleared before our electricians arrive on site.